We would love to have you at this international show for collectors of Antique and Collectible Padlocks, Railroadiana, Restraints, Keys, Door Hardware, and more!

There is a NEW LOCATION this year for the show in Morgantown, PA

It's Morgantown, Pennsylvania,
NOT in West Virginia!

Lock Collecting

Lock collectors often discover that they share the same start up story... "I thought I was the only one who collected locks!". The Lancaster Lock Show busts that myth!

The lock collecting hobby takes on many different forms. The variety of lock types is staggering. Some collectors focus on the mechanical aspect, others the aesthetic, still others focus in on a certain type or brand of lock. The hobby is completely scalable to your budget. Collectible locks range in price from under $10 to several thousand dollars.
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Bring Your Locks

Whether you have a dusty old bucket of locks, or an old lock stashed away in your sock drawer, bring it with you and show it to any of our collectors selling locks at their tables. They like nothing more than to see an antique or collectible lock and help to identify it for you. Don't be surprised if someone makes you an offer! If you have a lot of locks to sell, consider getting a table of your own, the're only $45! To register a table, please click the red Register Now button to the right.

Can of locks

Ninth Annual Lock Show


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The Lock Show
On Saturday July 14, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM we expect this to be the largest lock show in history. Anticipating more than 100 Collectors and Dealers from all over the world setting up for the show. Whether selling locks, buying locks, or just to browse, we want YOU to be to have a successful show
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Historic Lancaster

Lancaster, Pennsylvania is broadly known for the rich farming heritage of the Amish and Mennonite settlers from Europe. You might be surprised to learn that over the past 150 years there have been more than a dozen lock manufacturers based in Lancaster! Sadly, none of these companies make locks in Lancaster anymore. However, because of the enduring materials that antique locks where constructed from, many of the locks have survived! These intricate little devices are historic reminders of times long past. Whether you collect locks, like to browse antiques, or just want to come to historic Lancaster County, we welcome you to make the Lancaster Lock Show part of your visit! More Lancaster...